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Aizad’s Story

On September 27th 2011, Saher was waiting for her son, Aizad, to come home from school when the doorbell rang. A woman at the door told Saher she needed to come quick, that she thought it may be her son, Aizad, who was just hit by a car—and the woman was holding Aizad’s backpack. Mom ran to the scene. There was so much blood that she couldn’t make out who the child was, until she recognized her son’s shoe in the street.

They raced by ambulance to the Alberta Children’s Hospital where trauma teams began frantically trying to save the boy’s life. At one point, mom says
the doctors came to tell them that their son’s heart had stopped and they were trying their best to revive him. They did revive him but his injuries were
horrific. Aizad had broken every single bone in his face, he had a brain hemorrhage, lung punctures,spleen damage, broken legs, severed spine, broken wrists and many other life-threatening injuries. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rob Harrop said that he had never seen a child with so many traumatic facial injuries.

Once he was stabilized in ICU, the long and painful recovery process began. Saher says that they measured how well he was doing by the tubes that were slowly disappearing day by day. He spent 3 weeks in ICU, more than a month in special care unit and had 6 surgeries to reconstruct his face.

He had a shunt, feeding tube and for weeks he communicated using a writing tablet. Today, he has 14 plates in his face. Mom says that they have no way to repay the huge team of people at the hospital who have helped their family. From nurses to the many doctors, this is a true calling and because of mere mercy of God and exceptional treatment and care, the family feels that they have witnessed miracles.